Thank you everyone for sharing your time and energy in this workshop! I promise if you utilize any of these key tips you will see an IMMEDIATE return in sales and engagements just in time for the holiday season.


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Sequoia and her team are phenomenal! She delivered on exactly what was agreed upon and even went above and beyond.
Our company needed to integrate an Automated Email Marketing solution to our website and were looking for a professional team to do so. We had a few conversations via Skype with Sequoia and she understood the requirements right away. She put together a quote with detailed steps that would be taken. During the course of the project, she was always available to communicate and was a pleasure to work with. She put together very visually appealing email templates and was able to create an API from our site to Mail Chimp. Her team put together very detailed videos that showed us how to do various things in Mail Chimp (all customized with our information). At project completion we had a fully Automated Email Marketing solution that was sending 10+ emails and we are now getting a higher conversion rate.
In short, I would highly recommend Sequoia and hire her again for future projects.


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Email Marketing Resources

Review hot topics in the “inbox” world! Here are a handle full of blog article tailored to email marketing and useful how-to guides for Mailchimp.


Hey Solopreneurs!

Sequoia here! I really hope you enjoyed our workshop and found VALUE in the key strategies.

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Like WOW! Thank you so much Sequoia! I can’t believe it but thanks to you I was able to bring in 800+ email subscribers and it’s only been 3 weeks just WOW

- Dr. Nicki Newton

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