MINI WORKSHOP : 5 Key Ways to Boost Your Holiday Email Marketing Strategy

MINI WORKSHOP : 5 Key Ways to Boost Your Holiday Email Marketing Strategy

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This workshop will help you learn how to turn your holiday email marketing strategy (or lack there of) into a thriving sales tool!

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a workshop to help you grow your existing email marketing strategy

The DailyMode Team has put together this workshop with effective tools to immediate boost your email marketing strategy just in time for the holidays.


This Mini Workshop Includes:


Presentation video led by owner Sequoia Mulgrave

Deck of PDF slides used in the presentation

20+ page Workbook with guides exercises to help you implement these strategies

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You'll learn how to:

  • Build confidence with your email marketing strategy to authentically deliver your brand message

  • Get the secret tools to boosting your engagement & conversions

  • Organize and understand your email audience for better targeted content

  • Create a beautiful customer experience


You’ll feel:

  • Excited to communicate with your audience

  • Confident in your messaging and approach

  • Ready to take on the holiday season with ease

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Like WOW! Thank you so much Sequoia! I can’t believe it but thanks to you I was able to bring in 800+ email subscribers and it’s only been 3 weeks just WOW
— Dr. Nicki Newton , Math Running Records


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