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Who We Are


designers, collaborators, your partner


Our Mission

We create beautiful stuff.



Our Beliefs

Your visual brand is crucial.

We believe well done visual brand identity and marketing materials could change the game and help increase your business goals, traffic, and conversion rate. About 84% of communication in 2018 is visual feed and only 20% of text is receptive to the average consumer! Your visual content is extremely crucial and we want to help bridge that gap for businesses. 


What We Do

Collaborate & Innovate, an extension of your team.

We are a group of creative minds that cover a vast amount of skills collectively. We provide solutions that are tailored to the needs of small businesses, entrepreneurs, and marketing managers. We like to think we’re an extended part of the team and are just as devoted to improving your business as you are.  


Our Team

Your design partner.

All of our team works remotely! This allows our team members to work in their own creative space and provide an awesome working environment. This also allow us to keep our rates within your budget and give you the best turn-around time. You can find our team here. 


About Us


Dailymode Studio started as one women team by founder, Sequoia Mulgrave. Starting with a photography background and through odd jobs such as working on photo shoots, film sets, creating work for various organizations during college, and many internships in New York, she gained a love for art and design.

Through her work she realized that many businesses do not incorporate creative strategy for their brands. As she began working with several small business to rebuild their brand identity, there was an increase in overall visibility and notifications. This experience solidified the importance of brand strategy, creative thinking and how these can improve the overall end goal, bringing new business to any industry.


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