The Secret to Getting More out of Mailchimp Email Marketing Platform

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Majority of the follow-up questions I get after working with Mailchimp clients refer to how to use email marketing, when to send emails, and how to get the most out of your list. We're going to focus on the latter - How to Get the Most Out of Your List!

The average retailer, public figure, or small business company will send 1-2 email follow-ups after initial engagement - meaning after a user has signed up to a newsletter, attended an event, or left a shopping cart - YOU (yeah, I said it! YOU) only sent one follow up email to re-engage them.

Now I'm not saying go and bombarded all your entire client list with emails every 3 days but to really take a hard look at the interaction with you emails and understand your clients needs and wants. One of the best ways to do this is to read your email performance reports that Mailchimp give you for FREE

To access your reports click on the reports tab at the top of your screen. This is what the page should look like.

After you have sent your email to you clients take a look at your email report (keep in mind you want to check these reports at least 12hrs after sending your campaign to allows time for your users to engage with the email). Now naturally many will gravitate to the open rate and just about anything over 29% is typically a great return. However, I want you to focus on the click rate but even deeper into what your users were actually clicking on. 

Click on the click rate percentage to get further insight.

Here you can get a better idea of how many users are clicking on your email and what they are gravitating to. By click on the number of users you can get list.

Now this is where is gets interesting - if you find you have several links throughout your emails and 30% or higher of your users are clicking on an image or a particular link - guest what? You're going to want to tailor you next message to that list of people to that topic, image, etc. 

If you have 1-2 links in your email such as a footer or website link and you see that about 50% or higher of your users are trying to get to your site - guess what? They want to know more! They were interested enough that they clicked to find out. 

By doing this you are re-engaging you clients in a very particular way that is also re-engaging there interest and ultimately lead to a sale, reply, or further engagement for information.

I want to you take this tip and implement it with your next introductory/initial engagement emails. Rate how much returns you get and if you close the deal. Let me know you feedback & questions. Contact me at